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Erna Castrejon Mills

Experience the power of healing through my coaching and counseling services. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides services in Spanish and English, I am committed to empowering individuals and families towards achieving lasting harmony and inner peace. Whether you have overcome trauma, navigated through crises, or struggled in your relationships or personal life, I am here to help you overcome any obstacle and reach your fullest potential. Let's work together towards creating a brighter and more fulfilling future. Book an appointment today at (619) 402-5569 by either calling or texting in Spanish or English.


My diverse expertise and education have equipped me to be an inspiring force in the lives of others. I truly believe that we each have the power to uplift ourselves and those around us. Let me use my skills to help motivate and inspire you on your journey towards true fulfillment.


Challenges are a part of life, but they don't define us. It's how we handle them that sets us apart. Overcoming adversity builds character and makes us stronger individuals. With each obstacle, we gain resilience and empathy for others. As a therapist and clinician, I have learned that my experiences can help motivate and inspire my clients. Remember, facing challenges is what puts us on the path to becoming our best selves.


Faith is an integral part of my identity as a human. God, family, and country are my core values. All I want for people is to grow good relationships with their families, friends, children, and spouses. I believe and encourage all people to live their life with respect and kindness within society and within their personal relationships.


All of my life and career experiences have given me the advantage of a unique and whole perspective. In my opinion, counseling should not be ongoing or drawn out. Life is busy, and I want to treat patients effectively and quickly so they can continue their lives with new found coping abilities and reaffirmed relationships. Ultimately, I want my clients to succeed and be functional individuals with the ability to counsel themselves wisely.


What I Offer

In Person Coaching/Counseling-San Antonio,Texas in Spanish and English

Online-Texas and California in Spanish and English

Support Groups-San Antonio, Texas and Online in Spanish and English

I offer bilingual and bicultural services to First Responders, Medical Providers, Law Enforcement, and Employee Assistance Programs as well as individuals, groups, and families in Spanish and English. I provide Grief/Life Coaching, Grief and Loss Support Groups, Seniors Support Groups, Women's Divorce Groups, Therapists Support Groups online and in person in San Antonio, Texas in Spanish and English. I am LGBTQIA+ friendly. I diagnose clients to determine the most effective treatment, using a variety of modalities including CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, EMDR, SFBT, ACT, faith based, and eclectic approaches. I provide coaching services which is different than counseling. I value each person's unique experience and personality and tailor treatment and coaching accordingly.

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